The Elfstedentocht has been a phenomenon in one of the northern provinces of the Netherlands: Friesland
In 1891 a tour was  skated for the first time along the Frisian 11 towns, a journey of 200 kilometers (??? Miles) in one day!!
In 1909 the first official elfstedentocht on skates was organized. After this tour another 14 of  such trips took place on skates
Then there are many different kind of Elfstedentocht- tours organized for example: by foot, on a bicycle, on a tractor, on a horse, in a rowing boat, too many to mention.

Evert van Hemert made, the tour once on his Norton motorcycle from 1938, and also with a Tiger Moth (a vintage double deck aircraft).
There is a tradition if you do the Elfstedentocht three times: walking, cycling and skating, you will get that a special charter.
The artist has his own idea about the Elfstedentocht and did the tour for the third time by placing a sculpture on a statue of 4 meters in or near each of the eleven towns.
It took nearly three years before the last sculpture could be placed at the finish in Leeuwarden (capital of the province), but they are there now!
On the map you can see the towns where the 11 statues are standing